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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Simply Perfect!

The jacket fits perfect! It’s excellent quality and looks nice for all occasions. I looked at other big name jacket companies too, but couldn’t find a good fit. I’m a larger guy that works out, so I have a large chest and shoulders, but smaller waist. The XXL are too small in my upper body, but when I’d get a XXXL the sizing in the stomach and waist was rediculously to larger. So you’d go from a slim fit with the XXL and an overly generous lose fix with the XXXL.

However, this was not the case with Nobis. The XXXL fits perfect and it’s still a slim fit that fits me perfectly and comfortably. The outside material is also a lot more fancy then the competition allowing me to wear it for more dressy occasions.

The jacket is all around excellent. It’s a much fancier Canada Goose jacket with true sizing for a great fit and look. Strongly recommend and defienly worth the money. The jacket will last forever. I get at least one comment every time I wear it!

Good but...

I agree with some of the comments. Fits great and clean professional look but... it could use some hand warmers, outside breast pocket for phone and definitely more inside pockets. It has one small inside breast pocket which is disappointing. In extreme weather you want easy access to pockets and more options to keep your hands warm.


Yves Mens Parka

Great coat

It's a very good coat, warm and comfortable. Three things would make it perfect:
1. removable hood; 2. deeper outside pockets; 3. outside breast pocket

Jacket is a huge hit!

My son loves his new winter coat--it is warm, has long enough arms for his 6'3" frame, and looks sophisticated!

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