With over 15 years of experience and a presence spanning over 40 countries, Nobis blends performance textiles and technological innovations with timeless silhouettes. We create outerwear and accessories that empower you to journey anywhere, anytime. Whether you're scaling mountains, strolling city streets, exploring untamed wilderness, or savoring new culinary experiences, Nobis has you covered. Walk, drive, cycle, or take flight, all while experiencing sophistication and comfort. We encourage wanderlust because we believe in embracing your passions and living a dynamic life. Take yourself places, and let the elements become part of your adventure.


We are driven by a passion for seamlessly integrating technical excellence with classic fashion. With Nobis, you never have to choose between style and functionality. Our commitment is to blend functional and technical elements with meticulous tailoring, leaving no detail overlooked. Classic fitted silhouettes are reimagined as performance outerwear, designed for global exploreress who encounter unpredictable weather, both in and out of the city. Our material innovations incorporate cotton, nylon, leather, and wool, ensuring versatility that affords you the luxury of going anywhere.


Creating the finest outerwear is not just about style and functionality; it's also about responsibility. At Nobis, we meticulously consider our materials, practices, and facilities. Our performance textiles uphold distinct ethical standards, including premium Canadian-origin white duck down, ethically sourced and processed. Our fur is sourced through the NAFA under stringent regulations, ensuring ethical practices throughout. We also take into account how you care for your Nobis products, as many of our jackets can be easily laundered at home, eliminating the need for dry cleaning. After a decade of excellence, conscientious and ethical production remains at the core of what we do.


Traditional seasons are a thing of the past, with unpredictable weather conditions becoming the new norm. Nobis caters to the unexpected, the unforeseen, and even the most extreme elements. Wind, rain, snow, sleet, hail—whatever the environment yields, Nobis is your shield. Conquer the elements and let your passion carry you to new horizons.

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